32 The Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas

The Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas 31

If you are reading this then it is possible that you are looking for a new kitchen that provides better functionality of the space available to you. This article about small kitchen designs is equally applicable to larger kitchens if you are wanting to add more storage or just make your room look bigger.

Dedicating a small room for a kitchen is usually a challenging decision for kitchen planning, but a well-thought use of said space can result in a functional, comfortable and pleasant room. There are many kitchen planning tips that can help us make a successful small kitchen design. Here are some ideas for kitchens that are needed to make the best use of tiny spaces.

Cover the walls with deep/slim cabinets, shelves or racks, and install hanging hooks for your utensils. There must be plenty of floor and overhead space for you to work comfortably. Look for clever small kitchen design solutions like hidden plinth drawers, pull-out tables, etc.

If possible, install an island to add counter and storage space (drawers and hooks on the side) in the centre of the kitchen, and try to make use of the space above it (hanging hooks, floating racks, etc.). It could be wise to put a couple of electric sockets with security lids in the island. More light will make the room seem bigger. A glazed ceiling would be an optimal solution where possible, but otherwise, large undressed curtains are suggested. Install lights under cupboards that are above the counter to ensure you get plenty of light when cooking. Light colours and glossy or reflective surfaces help to make the kitchen look even more spacious.

Choose only soft, uniform colours for counters, walls and cabinets or splash it with a bold, contrasting tone for details. Alternatively, you can define the look of your kitchen in terms of materials and textures: metal, glass, marble, wood, exposed bricks, etc. Small kitchen design need not be a troublesome headache if you follow some or all of the advice above when searching for ideas for your layout. Make good use of the knowledge of your kitchen fitter, or visit a store that can provide kitchen design services, this is normally provided free of charge especially if you are purchasing from them as well.

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