Nice Vertical Garden Wall Decor Ideas Look Beautiful

Nice Vertical Garden Wall Decor Ideas Look Beautiful

One of the solutions, when you are faced with the challenge of small space gardening, is vertical gardening. You have to think of growing plants and flowers vertically if you have a balcony garden or a small patio or rooftop garden. It will be easy to plan a lush wall of vegetables, flowers, or foliage plants.

Fences and wall plantings are very common examples of vertical gardening and are worth trying. You can use your imagination and try out different styles and do not forget to use your landscaping ideas. You can also use this for making an indoor wall covered with lively plants and flowers.

Vertical gardening is a fun way to have a year-round garden by growing the plants in pots up a wall rather than in the ground. Space often makes it difficult to have a garden for someone wanting fresh vegetables or herbs in an urban area. The other kind of vertical growing is a living wall, it is where lush plants are suspended and nurtured to provide a beautiful appearance and to take advantage of the power of nature to purify the air.

Framing pictures of your own and your family members for decorating the walls of your workplace and house is common, but framing a garden and using it to decorate your wall is something very creative and outstanding. These vertical gardens can act as a masterpiece of your living room or reception, helping you to bring a change in the look of your property.

Another interesting way of creating a living wall in your house is by making use of wooden planks. Hang around six or seven wooden planks in a row with ropes. Cut out holes in the plant, such that pots fit inside those holes easily but make sure that there is a minimum gap between two pots. Grow whatever plants you want in those pots and place them in the planter to give it an all-new look.

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