31 Stunning French Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Inspire You

Stunning French Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Inspire You 31

A French bedroom is a very opulent space. You can decorate with this style on a budget if you really know what you are doing. This allows you to incorporate the items that you already have in your room but also bring in new pieces that will really work within your overall theme.

You’ll really have to work on a space plan so that your room doesn’t actually seem smaller with this kind of design style. Here are a few decorating ideas for a French bedroom.

Color is an important component in this kind of style. You’ll really want to bring in rich colors. This could either be dark, light or metallic. It just really depends on how much light you have in your room. This is an easy inexpensive way to create a theme. You can just go with a very soft blue and white color palette that will be very elegant and relaxing at the same time. This also makes sure that your room seems gender neutral because French furniture can be a little bit feminine just because all of the curved lines and carvings. You’ll really want to find balance between the masculine and traditional formal feeling. It also really needs to fit within your lifestyle.

You really are going to want to mix and match this kind of furniture and artwork. It’s really important to take a stab at creating cohesion so it works for your space and budget. Otherwise since this is such a popular and enduring design style your room can end up actually looking cheap or predictable. You’ll really want to bring in more modern elements and then find ways to make it work with more traditional designs.

Add in architectural details. Oftentimes you will find this design style in more expensive homes. However, you might not have the same advantages. Even if you to live in a high-end space you may be lacking the intricate architectural details of a historic home. You really want to play around with very elaborate molding. Of course you could go for elaborate door casings or crown molding. You can even apply this look to the walls for interest. You could use rectangles made out of molding or just simulate this with paint. This is a very typical French style that adds instant formality and it really isn’t that expensive if you do the project yourself.

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