31 Best Teenager Bedroom Ideas With Awesome Decor

Best Teenager Bedroom Ideas With Awesome Decor 09

When teen bedroom ideas come form the teens themselves, it contributes to development of their own identity and creativity, while personalizing their individual space.

In addition, it is a wonderful opportunity for the parents to help them in establishing a good budget and design sense.

How is this room to function and what does you are teen expecting from the space? Are they collectors and need more storage, or are they into electronics, sports or books? Teens generally need bigger desks for a computer; children’s desks are usually too small, is theirs? Would they like an area for sprucing up or exercising? If they have friends that frequently stop by, then a daybed, large overstuffed floor pillows, a comfortable chair or even a beanbag chair would be in order. Could the closet use a do it yourself organizational system? This is the time to compromise. Do not allow posters to be taped to the freshly painted walls, but instead suggest a large bulletin board that allows alternating displays.

Look in your attic, rummage sales, consignment shops, hand me downs and even Good Will, I’m sure you’ll find something that suits their needs. Not only can it be fun discovering something interesting, but it can also be fun project making it cool and functional, with a new coat of paint and hardware. You may want to try unfinished furniture giving your teen the opportunity to be creative while saving you money on teen bedroom sets. Throws and slipcovers can also come in handy as a cover up, which is easy to clean. As I mentioned before children’s desks are usually too small for a teenager. The standard height for a writing desk is 30 inches and for a computer desk 26 inches in height is the norm. Do you have room for two file cabinets? If so, why not place a smooth piece of plywood or an interior door across the two separated file cabinets, creating a desk that your teenager can personalize to their tastes.

The proper desk lamp should have the bulb approximately 15 inches above the surface of the desk. Choose reading lamps for the bedside that are between 28 and 32 inches high, but wall mounted lamps with a swing arm are another option to consider. Try to find lamps that have a wide and or weighted base for stability. I would avoid halogen because of the extreme heat they produce which could cause a fire or a bad burn if the teen is not careful. To reduce computer glare use blinds or sheer curtains. Work as a team with your teenager, allow them to express themselves. Allow them to get involved in color scheme and the renewing of second hand or unfinished furniture. Decide what the function of the room is, storage for books, electronics, sporting equipment, etc. Make sure the desk is at the correct height for the job, 30 inches for writing, and 26 inches for computers. When selecting lighting for bedside reading the lamp should be between 28 and 32 inches high, and desk top lamp bulbs should be about 15 inches from the surface of the desk.

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