32 Stunning Rustic Patio Decorating Ideas

Stunning Rustic Patio Decorating Ideas 22

Nothing blends in quite so well with a “back to nature” setting as rustic log patio furniture. Pine and cedar furniture designed for your log cabin, lakeside villa or mountain chalet will not only look great, but be extremely functional as well.

Rustic log furniture is one of the hottest trends in home decorating, and it’s not likely that’s going to change any time soon. While pine and cedar are two of the primary woods used to manufacture rustic log patio furniture, other types of wood such as teak may also be used.

If left unfinished, your rustic patio furniture will age to a barnwood-style gray when left out doors. If you wish to preserve the natural color of the wood, you may finish the furniture with waterproof finish. Many manufacturers also offer a variety of outdoor paint colors as well.

A white cedar or pine rocker is a great starting point for the great out-of-doors. And there are a myriad of other seating options to choose from. Double rockers, high-back rockers, gliders, tete-a-tete’s, porch swings and yard swings are just a few of the available seating ideas for your deck, patio or garden. Some rustic chairs come with cushions, others may look good with an ottoman to prop your feet up on. There are also a number of rustic picnic table options, not to mention log style benches which are especially handy around a roaring fire or when seating a number of guests. The bottom line is, that just about any type of wood furniture you can think of in a non-rustic style, is also available in rustic. If you want a rustic piece that you haven’t found readily available online, most log furniture manufacturers are great at working out custom orders.

The only problem I have ever really had in trying to get custom furniture from the Amish was explaining why we wanted to put a television in the “wardrobe”, turning it into an entertainment center. For some reason, my customer’s desire to fit a TV into an armoire wasn’t the Amish could readily related to–although they were still more than happy to oblige by modifying their design to meet our specifications. Rustic wood furniture is just a natural fit to an outdoor environment. It seems so much more relaxing than patio furniture made from plastic, composite or other materials. Many log furniture manufacturers use treetops of logs cut for log cabins, so even if you feel like “saving a tree” you are enhancing–rather than hurting–the environment by furnishing your patio, deck, or gazebo with rustic outdoor furniture.

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