34 Amazing Bamboo Flooring Ideas For Living Room

Amazing Bamboo Flooring Ideas For Living Room 34

The popularity of hardwood floors is growing on a yearly basis. There are many reasons as to why more and more people are replacing carpet with hardwood floors but one reason that is gaining more and more momentum is that this flooring option is much more environmentally sustainable than other flooring options.

Depending on the type of wood that is used for a hardwood floor you can reduce your environmental impact by installing one over a chemical filled carpet product. One type of hardwood floor that is really becoming popular these days is bamboo.

The reason why bamboo wood floors are becoming more popular has to do with the fact that they are one of the most environmentally sustainable hardwood floors on the market. As anyone who has watched the documentary series planet earth knows, bamboo grows at an incredible rate. When a bamboo forest is harvested to make bamboo floors it can be replenished very quickly. This is a stark contrast to many other forms of hardwood floors that can take decades to reforest.

A second reason bamboo floors are gaining in popularity is that they are easy to maintain when compared to other flooring options. Bamboo has more durability than many other types of material that are available on the market. When bamboo is cut down and formed into planks in a lumber mill it remains incredibly strong, while maintaining a little flexibility. This makes the material ideal for high traffic areas such as entry ways, kitchens and living rooms. On top of that bamboo floors need to be refinished less frequently than many other popular types of materials that are used.

We have learned that bamboo on surface floors are environmentally friendly and easy to maintain but one main and incredibly important aspect of the material we are over looking is that it looks amazing. Bamboo wood is light in colour and has varying grains, this allows it to fit into the style of any room it is placed in. As a result bamboo floors are becoming more and more popular with interior designers as they can easily match any theme they are trying to establish within a room. On top of that bamboo floors are trendy and installing one can become a focal point of conversation at parties and even become a status symbol in some circles depending on how impressed your friends are that you made the environmental choice. While all of the reasons mentioned in this article are great chances are you are going to care about this one the most. Bamboo floors are cheaper than most other flooring options. While the cost of bamboo flooring can vary greatly, depending on grade, finish, material etc. there price is brought down because bamboo can grow almost anywhere and it grows very quickly. Bamboo for floors are easy to install and there increasing popularity has brought down costs. All in all a bamboo floor is a great option for any home.

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