31 Fabulous Sky Bedroom Theme Decoration Ideas

Fabulous Sky Bedroom Theme Decoration Ideas 01

Stimulate your child’s senses by creating a safe haven where imagination can run wild. In this article you will find eight simple steps that will help you create the perfect magical forest bedroom theme adventure.

To start your bedroom transformation you will want to paint the ceiling of your room in a shade of blue to simulate the sky.

Paint your walls approximately two feet down from the ceiling in the same blue shade that was used on the ceiling. This helps to bring your sky down into the room and adds dimension. The green will simulate grass in the forest and will provide a base layer for the additional decorative elements that we are going to add. It helps to create balance and carries the theme throughout the room.

Select different sizes of tree murals or wall decor stickers and add them to your walls to develop your magical forest design. If you have artistic flair, try drawing the tree designs on your wall and paint them in yourself. Use your artistic expression, because it’s a magical forest, anything can happen. Use a faux painting technique to paint patio pavers onto a wood floor. This requires a bit more advanced skill, but there are many sites on the internet with specific directions on how to paint a glaze to achieve a stone floor look. Pillow stuffing can be purchased at your local craft store. Glue large globs of pillow stuffing to your blue ceiling to create fluffy white clouds in your sky.

If you have bunk beds, continue the wood posts to the ceiling of the room. If you don’t have bunk beds you can still install a post somewhere in the room to create your tree. Use netting that has been spray painted green and gather it up on small ceiling hooks to create a tree. Swoop some of the fabric down and then back up for an amazing 3-D effect. Finish off your magical forest decorating theme by adding plush and plastic forest animals to the shelves and on the top of dressers. Add a plush squirrel and other plush friends to your child’s bed for play and to complete the theme. Any of these eight ideas, or all of them, would be easy and affordable ways to transform your child’s bedroom into a magical forest play land. By the way, if you’ve enjoyed this article and would like to read more free decorating articles, be sure to check out the Wallpaper Home Decorating Blog at [http://WallpaperHomeDecorating.com] Be sure to sign up for the free monthly newsletter.

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