33 Stunning Hidden Room Design Ideas You Will Love

Stunning Hidden Room Design Ideas You Will Love 04

When kids often watch spy or adventure films, it’s hard not to wish for the amazing reality of having your own faux bookshelf or wall that leads to a secret room. Well, another perk of growing up means turning those dreams into a reality.

While the initial investment may be costly, it’s actually an attainable goal if you want to add a hidden door to your home. From InvisiDoor flat panel doors to full book case doors, you can find what you need at a few hundred to a little over a thousand dollars. The results? Priceless.

Hidden room doors can be installed for a variety of purposes. You can create a safe room by installing an InvisiDoor. Only people you’ve told about the room will know it exists, which enhances your safety if you ever need to hide in an emergency. Less serious uses include blocking off a seldom used room or creating a hidden closet door. Hidden room doors block any guests from knowing there’s a junk room or unused room behind a wall.

Many hidden doors can be installed on your own if you’re confident in your abilities. Door installation is one of the easier DIY style projects. This also saves you a larger expense on hiring a contractor. Companies selling InvisiDoors or other flexible hidden door designs often include installation instructions and offerhardware kits as well.

When installing your hidden door hinges you can make decisions about how you would like the door to function: do you want it to swing out or swing in? Should it open on the left or right side? These choices can be made based on personal preference or related to function. Additionally, you have the choice of a bookshelf door or a plain door. While plain doors offer added surprise, a bookshelf hidden door gives you an added bonus of extra storage. Maximize your space and create a secret passage in your home! If you choose an InvisiDoor design they come with unique pivot hinges for easy opening and closing, but still offer optimal secrecy when not in motion. In the end, you’ll have the enjoyment of both a new door as well as a gateway to a secret room. Whether you want to feel secure with a hidden room, close off a seldom used room, or create a private sanctuary-slash-playroom, you won’ t be disappointed with your hidden door. Installing a hidden door or bookcase door will help you fulfill that childhood dream. Choosing a secret door will add long lasting character and enjoyment in your home.

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