30 Gorgeous French Country Decorating Ideas

30 Gorgeous French Country Decorating Ideas

French country is casual yet sophisticated. It’s a mix and match style, at least that’s the way it’s suppose to be, leaving several options, allowing one to incorporate some of the things they love.

Country French rooms generate a timeless appeal, it’s elegant and approachable. Worn and painted woods, cream ware, primitive farm folk art, intertwined with a stylish King Louis armoire.

Ideally walls would be textured, ceilings vaulted and accented with old beams, floors would be stone, or at least appear to be, and lighting, well just about anything can be made into a lamp or a fixture, accent tables might be topped with marble, displaying 18th century pewter, English figurines, and antique decanters. Some furniture might be painted in a faded blue or whitewashed, chairs could upholster in a pleasing print, and an old French farm table would look great in the kitchen.

When you envision the countryside of France and Provence your minds eye sees fields of lavender and brilliant sunshine. French Country decorating is made up of several elements, which always results in a rustic, old world, inviting appearance and charm. Both a country house and elegant chateau adapt magnificently to this design. The style of French country, with its casual and warm feel will fit wonderfully into just about any home. Colors employed in French Country decorating originate from a rainbow of shades. Brilliant red and light rust, sun drenched yellow and gentile gold, green as glistening grass and dark hunter green, soft sea tones and cobalt blue, every one of these colors are found in this fantastic decorating style. Dull grays and vivid blacks interpose the bright colors that define the accent pieces. Lighting fixtures, furniture and accessories in rusted metal, give a warm hue and add a wonderful dimension.

Using natural materials is an important component in French Country decorating. Plastered textured and painted or irregularly stained walls, heavy beamed walls and ceilings, gracefully detailed carved woods, rush woven chair seats give simplicity and texture to the look. Cotton or wool rugs cover floors of natural stone. A stone fireplace with a hefty plank of wood over the opening works as a mantel, no genuine French country home would be complete with out one. Tiles made of stone or ceramic make up the border. There would be a clay or brick hearth, surrounded by copper pots, and accessories made of iron that would hang on a nearby wall. French Country decorating is comfortable, warm and welcoming. It’s eclectic, with a mix and match ambiance, allowing one to choose items and elements that they enjoy and brings them comfort. Colors drawn from nature are contrasting and cover the full spectrum. Materials are also pulled from nature, like heavy wood beams, stone floors, reed chair seats, brick and clay hearths, rusted metals, copper and pewter accessories. Furniture can range from a King Louis armoire, to an old farm table, or a piece of French folk art to a beautiful painting as accents. It all comes down to what you like.

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