Wonderful Tropical Swimming Pool Decor Ideas

Wonderful Tropical Swimming Pool Decor Ideas

Landscaping is an excellent idea if you have an above ground swimming pool because there’s a lot more space and your pool will look so much better with all the plants and a deck. But if you’re a newbie in landscaping, there are a few key tips that could help you maximize the space you have and make your pool into an awesome spot for bonding with friends and families.

Plants are generally pleasing to the eyes and they provide you that tropical ambiance that’s not only relaxing but also visually satisfying. And if you have an above ground swimming pool, you’ll have more space to put plants around. But there is a reminder when it comes to choosing the kinds of plants you can put around your pool.

Every landscape has to have a general theme. In thinking of your theme, you have to look at the general architecture of your house as well as the space you have available on your property. Your landscape should be an extension of your house’s main architecture or at least suitable for it. For example, if you want a tropical landscape, having a pool certainly helps create that ambiance of being on a tropical island. All you have to add, possibly are a bunch of palm trees strategically planned and planted on different areas surrounding the pool. You might also add some sands or stones on the pathways and maybe even a hammock in between palm trees.

As for plants, you have many options here depending on the theme of the landscape. Like the example given above, palm trees go well with a tropical island theme. Aside from that, you might also want to add some tropical flowering plants like Hibiscus to add color and life to the scenery. But you still have to keep in mind the upkeep and maintenance of having plants around the pool.

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