Stunning Modern Boho Living Room Decor Ideas

Stunning Modern Boho Living Room Decor Ideas

Carefree, bohemian interiors are a popular trend in today’s world with everybody traveling to new destinations and immersing themselves in the culture of the land. Old world architecture and 70s inspired spaces that cohesively come together in a gamut of design.

Luxury homes are artfully decorated with arches and antique Indian doors intricately carved with paisleys and stars, carrying beautiful energies of the past. Global bohemian interiors take on a vagabond feel as if they’ve been discovered in a faraway land.

Moroccan decor brings a flair for the drama to your bohemian home. A touch of Mediterranean architecture with cusped arches and medieval iron cladding doors, elements have been pulled from grandiose Moroccan spaces. A style that works well with nearly every existing form of decor be it minimalist or maximalist, it certainly catches the eyes and hearts of all. The 18c triple veranda arches and the horseshoe palatial door are phenomenal examples of architecture. Handcarved dense woods that have lasted years and become lovingly textured and worn with time. The texture and feel of old woods is beyond gorgeous and stunning.

Moroccan decor glamorizes bold prints and colors and brings a hint of worldliness to your bedroom. Sheer sari curtains hanging like a canopy and patchwork pillows act as pops of color. Sumptuously carved cabinets are seen working beautifully with the subtle colors of the bedding. Diamond patterns, geometric designs are frequently seen on old doors that have been repurposed into consoles and cabinets. Bohemian design is carefree and can mix with nearly any style, be it Scandinavian modern or find it in farmhouse barns which adds elegance to eclectic spaces.

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