20+ Elements Of Interior Design

Elements Of Interior Design

Elements of interior design historyimportance main elements of interior design- line shape space formtexture colour in detail their uses and charecteristics in interior designmethod of achieving nice composition using these elements vs nice examples and illustration. 212015 Elements of interior design.

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This is one of the most important aspects of interior design and it is split into two categories.


Elements Of Interior Design. Of all the component elements that together form a completed interior the single most important element is space. Space is in modern times a costly commodity. 11262014 Interior Design The 6 Elements of Design 2.

For example a minimalist approach has more negative space. These elements include Colour Form Light Line Pattern Texture and Space. Positive space contains furniture and other objects while negative space is empty.

What Are the 7 Elements of Interior Design. Positive and negative space. Different design styles make different uses of space.

862012 If you use these design elements as a guide for decorating your home the results will be nothing short of spectacular. These all are the concept which has a huge impact on designing a space. Space Space is the area in which we work It defines limits and sets boundaries of our design It is limited by width length and height To make space seem larger use soft light cool colors To make space seem smaller use patterns or dark warm colors 3.

Spaces can be exhilarating or depressing cheerful or serene all depending upon the use the designer has made of the various elements that form the whole. 1122021 Elements of Interior Designing There are various factors and elements that should be considered.

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