20+ Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertops

Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertops

For commercial spaces there are. They also feature a sleek satin finish that gives them a professional look that will blend with your open kitchen.

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4142016 These high-performing stainless steel countertops go for between 50 and 150 a square footright in the same ballpark as marble.


Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertops. Stainless steel is non-porous and therefore does not absorb odors stains or germs. Backsplash model Standard 25. When you need something sleek with a shiny modern look to it look no further than stainless countertops.

All Blum hardware including Blumotion drawers and softclose 3-way adjustable hinges in all of our cabinetry. A minimalist space is a fashionable space and it is especially true for this stunning kitchen. Theres a reason professional chefs have relied on metal countertops for decades.

No need for the time and. Fu lly assembledOur cabinets come fully assembled and ready to install. Our stainless countertops are made from prime 16 gauge 304 188 stainless steel.

Due to its ease of maintenance and clean sleek look it is an obvious frontrunner in todays kitchen. Our stainless steel standard countertops are made from prime 16 gauge 304 188 stainless steel. 18 gauge for cabinets and 16 gauge for countertops.

From sales to fabrication from engineering to shipping through and through we have what it takes to get the job done quickly with precision and efficiency. Kitchen with Brown Cabinets and Stainless Steel Countertops Ideas. We manufacture all of our countertops and sinks in a modern manufacturing facility located in Monroe NC.

5212020 Theres a reason stainless steel countertops have been used for so long in commercial and restaurant kitchens the material is about as indestructible a worktop as you can find. Each stainless countertop is fully welded and polished and made with 14 gauge stainless steel which is 25 thicker than 16 gauge. Feel free to choose how your stainless steel kitchen countertop will look by combining our custom features into the perfect custom stainless steel kitchen countertop for your kitchen.

Stains and Corrosion Resistant– Stainless Steel has a unique ability to resist stains and corrosion. Stainless steel countertops add clean lines and a sleek elegance to the kitchen while providing a superior workspace for the serious cook. The flat-panel gray cabinets and stainless-steel appliances match with the stainless-steel countertops.

Benefits of having Stainless steel Countertop in your Kitchen and Bar. Satin Stainless Linearity Laminate Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertop Sample. Because the metal is also neutral in color it can be used in any type of kitchen.

For pricing and availability. Open concept kitchen – single-wall medium tone wood floor and brown floor open concept kitchen idea in Other with a single-bowl sink flat-panel cabinets brown cabinets stainless steel countertops white backsplash an island and brown countertops. A part of stainless steel comes from the addition of chromium which is what gives the Stainless steel countertops these unique properties.

Even the most traditional kitchen decor can accept a stainless steel countertop. Equalizer Edge on flat. 11252014 The clean attractive Look of stainless steel works in both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

We use premium stainless steel material. Theyre anti-bacterial stain resistant and add a beautiful glow to any kitchen. 7132019 Custom stainless steel countertops offer the options of adding seamless sinks and backsplashes which can make for one quick installation and less need for other projects.

Copper Zinc and Stainless Steel. Stainless steel is resistant to heat meaning you can set a hot pot right on the surface and later when you remove it you wont find a mark or burn. They also have sleek satin finishes that give them a professional look and feel making them perfect for your open kitchen.

8242018 Steel offers a distinctive feel and look that blends perfectly into modern contemporary kitchens. Stainless steel kitchen island Inspiration for a mid-sized contemporary galley light wood floor and beige floor enclosed kitchen remodel in Portland with an undermount sink flat-panel cabinets white cabinets stainless steel countertops an island gray countertops and paneled appliances. Choice of moisture resistant MDF wood backer or stainless channel backer.

The also gray floor and metal chandelier make this space the paradise of metallic feeling. Price varies depending on the gauge which ranges from 14 to 20. Stainless Steel Island Countertop Stainless steel kitchen island countertops are where something that is prefabricated could come in and save a few dollars.

HIGHLIGHTS OF OUR PRODUCTS. Stainless steel countertops are resistant to chipping scratching and staining – offering the unmatched durability and long term dependability that you need in your foodservice location. Stainless steel countertops offer unmatched durability and are resistant to scratching chipping and staining.

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