20+ Catherine The Great Furniture

Catherine The Great Furniture

5302013 This is how Catherine the Great would answer that question. These are all topics well cover in this weeks episode on Catherine the Great and her sexy furniture.

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Born Sophie Friederike Auguste von Anhalt-Zerbst on May 1729 in Stettin now Szczecin in Poland she became Catherine in 1745 after being received into the Russian Orthodox Church.


Catherine The Great Furniture. Secret sexy furniture erotic wall art Nazis and defamation of character. She was said to have had a bedroom full of erotic art. She had twelve well-known affairs illegitimate children no ones totally sure which ones and made lavish gifts to her consorts.

Catherine II loved sex. According to witnesses one of the walls was entirely hung with wooden phalluses of various shapes a range of chairs. She was a legendary empress of Russia who ruled longer than any other female leader and she did a damn good job by all accounts.

1232015 Catherine the Great had a room decorated with penises and vaginas. 10252020 Catherine II May 2 1729 November 17 1796 most commonly known as Catherine the Great was Empress of Russia from 1762 until 1796the countrys longest-ruling female leader. During World War Two pieces of pornographic furniture were found near St.

She did not as popularly rumored die attempting to have sex with a horse but her real life was way more interesting. 7262017 The X-Rated Furniture Of Catherine The Great Is Something You Need To See. Nymphomania bestiality voyeurism even a love of erotic furniture.

During the second world war in one of the palaces of Tsarskoye Selo a group of Soviet soldiers found a room decorated in a frank erotic style. Even though these particular tables and chairs were unfortunately destroyed photos of them taken by German soldiers remained. Everything in the room including the furniture the paintings the sculptures and the ceiling was covered in depictions of carnal passion.

11282018 But that power is what made Catherine the Great the victim of notorious misogynistic myths ever since. 10212019 Legends abound about Catherine the Greatthe good kind and the bad kind. The furniture was said to be.

Known more for her affairs of the heart than for affairs of state she nevertheless greatly expanded her countrys empire. This is Catherine the Great. French master craftsman Dominique Roitel.

A close-up of the detailing. But Catherine wanted to restore the Greek monarchy regardless and developed the Greek Project. Catherine was born in Poland and while still in her teens was married to the heir to the Russian throne.

Portrait of a Woman. 5162020 One of the stranger legends surrounding Catherine the Great is that she had a secret room made especially for spending nights with Platon Zubov her 22-year-old lover. 10172013 Catherine the Great is one of those fascinating figures whose political power was often overshadowed by scandal.

Petersburg that could be attributed to Catherine the Great. To do soThe project included plans to put her grandson aptly named Constantine on the newly restored Greek throne. We have one man to thank for the fact that these pieces of furniture exist.

So much so that she had an erotic cabinet built full of sexual furniture This is Catherine II of Russia better known as Catherine the Great Empress of the Russian Empire between 1762 and 1796. 622020 By the time Catherine the Great became Russias ruler the former Byzantine Empire had been under Ottoman Turk control for centuries. 10162013 Catherine the Greats erotic cabinet 16 October 2013 Author.

The furniture has vanished but some pictures NSFW remain posted by dfm500 57 comments total 42 users marked this as a favorite. 12112015 Catherine The Greats Pornographic Furniture NSFW Catherine II was Empress of Russia for more than 30 years. Chair by Dominique RoitelWhy in this throne-like chair featuring more carvings of penises asses spread-eagled women etc etc.

In the plus column the longest-reigning empress of Russia transformed her empire into one of Europes great. Theres this rumor that Catherines biggest conquest was a goddamn horse. For centuries stories about the wild erotic adventures of the Russian Tsarina Catherine the Great have ben capturing peoples imagination.

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